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Night at St Pacras Trains Shed in London
Midland Mainline Class 43 number 166 has just left London Kings Cross

Railways in United Kingdom
Britain was the first country in the world to successfully combine the power of high pressure steam and rail transportation with industrialization. From this early 18th century invention things progressed rapidly all around U.K. and its neighbors and colonies. However, the era of very little progress succeeded the rapid expansion and development. Some results of this unfortunate event are still well visible to a foreign visitor today, though the developments are again on track.
Today in U.K. the discussions are turning again to the development of the rail infrastructure and trains running it. With the first High speed line fully operational and serving the Channel Tunnel the U.K. is seriously considering what kind of other modernization projects would be appropriate. Some of the latest include enhancements fo Crossrail line in London and the creationb of High Speed 2, plus a number of smaller projects. Given at the starting point of in some parts obsolete infrastructure the current privately operated train companies are surviving miraculously well, including Eurostar Group, Virgin Trains, Great Northern, Keolis and several others. Today, the organizing of the British railroading could be a lesson to learn from to all other European countries, so well the competition is working in many cases! 
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