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Communications link - Locomotives - Siemens Eurosprinter         

Eurosprinter locomotive family is one of the most successfull in Europe. Siemens Mobility is the largest railroad rolling stock manufacturer in Europe and in many segments the first or the second in the whole world. We all know the Velaro/ICE super high speed trains family, Taurus locomotives and several other product lines of the huge company. Many of the current best seller products share the same family name: Eurosprinter. Eurosprinter is a generic name for Siemens built family of electric high tech powerful locomotives. Over 1000 units have so far been built.   

Given some development time, this page take a look at the background of the Eurosprinters, their evolution, technical details and finally share numerous pictures of the locomotives with you.

Eurosprinter History * Technical info for types:  * Common components for Eurosprinters * Eurosprinter unit pictures *       

 Eurosprinter History

Class 252 Renfe EuroSprinter number 048 at Alzira, Spain
Picture: The forerunner of all Siemens Eurosprinters, the Renfe class 252 number 048 running past Alzira station. Renfe bought 75 of these Siemens manufactured locomotives from year 1991 onwards. 3 different configurations were delivered, for both 1435 mm and 1668 mm gauges. 

Class 127 EuroSprinter ES64P number 001 in Ingolstadt Germany

The picture shows the original Eurosprinter design followed by the Renfe order as a form of German class 127 number 001 (later ES64P-001 as in picture), here painted and detailed for Dispolok. As usual, only one prototype was built.   


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 Technical Info for the types
Polish PKP Taurus registered as German class 183 number 601
The latest Eurosprinter family is divided to two main segments: The Taurus, ES64UX, above forms the high speed multiuse section while the Eursprinter ESXXFX (where X's are letters or numbers) are best suitable for freight duties because of their lower top speed. Inspite of this the "U" series vcan be found on freight traffic and the "F" series in serious passenger traffic use. Since both are highly modular designs, numerous adaptations are easy to install. Older models with different design (ES64P) as well as the Eurorunner family for diesels also exist.
The Eurosprinter F-family will be supplemented by additional model Vectron giving new competitive edge against the competiting Traxx-family by Bombardier. The Vectron will debut at Innotrans 2010 in Berlin this year. We will create a new Vectron page in the near future.
German class 189 in Railion colors (now DB Schenker)


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 Common components and equipment 

The success of the product lines is based on common modular components. Many of these advanced like the steering structure for the wheel on bogies as an option. 
For the Eurosprinter F-series there is also an option for the center automatic coupler. The addition can be made without any structural modifications necessary for the body of the locomotive. Center couplers are common is the heavy railroading countries like U.S.A., Russia or China. The European freight trains are light compared with many trains in these countries.


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 Eurosprinter Unit Pictures

Dispolok Taurus class 182 at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof in 2003

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Created for by Ilkka Siissalo and John McKey. Pictures by Ilkka Siissalo, John McKey and Hannu Peltola.

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German class 189 in Railion colors (now DB Schenker)

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