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Lok2000 Family of Electric Locos

LOK 2000 family of electric locomotives is one of the first truly multinational European locomotive types. The closely matching variants of the locomotive are owned by both SBB/CFF and BLS in Switzerland, NSB of Norway, Hong Kong Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation KCRC / KCR East Rail in Hong Kong on the normal 1435 mm gauge (4' 8,5") and VR-Yhtyma on the Finland's 1524 mm (5') network.

Technical details * History * Roster Pictures *

Roster pictures by Operator:
Kanton-Kowloon Rw > MTR: Unknown r.n. *
NSB: 2252 *
SBB/CFF: 032 *


El18 of Norway seen at Oslo station
The Norwegian version of the Swiss LOK2000 platform, EL18 number 2252, waiting for the departure in Oslo with an IC train. Notice the Norvegian specialty, a powerful yellow snow plow! Otherwise the locomotive look like a typical Re460. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.

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LOK2000 program variants for SBB, BLS, VR, NSB and Kowloon-Kanton Rw. History, technical details, color schemes, roster pictures.

Created for by John McKey, Ilkka Siissalo and Andreas Ehnberg. Pictures by Stanislav Voronin, Ilkka Siissalo, Hannu Peltola, Andreas Ehnberg and John McKey.

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  LOK2000 program of Switzerland
BLS Re465 number 009

To be added in the next updates.



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  Technical Details
SBB Re460 with coaches at Aigle, Switzerland

There a slight variations on technical details like the power figures from one batch to another, though all locomotives use closely matching specifications. A durable and well designed locomotive, all units are still in use for their owners. The design is exceptional in its ability to serve well in the harsh Northern climates too. Only concerns have been occasional bearing heating issues, but these are solved by normal service once the problem is known.

  On the left a picture of the SBB Re460 number 036 is pulling an express train in the misty swiss scenery at Aigle. Picture by Peider SwissTrip.

   Next down the typically colored SBB Re460 unit 032 has just brought the passenger train to Zürich station. Picture by Andreas Ehnberg.

 Technical details
-> Type: LOK2000
-> Builder: Originally built by SLM/ABB, newest units by Bombardier 
-> Users: Swiss SBB/CFF/FFS and BLS, Norwegian NSB and CargoNet occasionally may be hired to others in Sweden and Norway, Finnish VR-Yhtyma, KCRC, now MTR 
-> Classes:
-- Swiss SBB Re460,
-- Swiss BLS Re465,
-- Norwegian EL18,
-- Finnish Sr2,
-- MTR class unknown     
-> Usage: Medium-heavy electric road passenger and freight locomotive.

-> Production dates: 1991 to 2003  
-> Numbers built: 207   
-> Gauges:
-- most: 1435 mm (4' 8.5")
-- For Finland 1524 mm (5 ft)
-> Seen: The above countries plus Sweden.

-> Energy Source: Electric according to country specifications
-- Switzerland, Norway and Sweden: 15 kV 16 2/3 Hz 
-- Finland: 25kV 50 Hz
-> Electric system: Adtranz - GTO thyristors and 3 phase AC traction motors.
Power can be fed back to the network.
-> Power:
- SBB/CFF: 6100 kW  (8180 hp)
- BLS 7000 kW (9387 hp) (according to Jane's 6400kW (8575 hp))
- NSB 5880 kW (7885 hp)
- VR-Yhtyma 6100 kW
(8180 Hp)
-> Traction motors type:  ABB 4FHA 7056A
-> Tractive Effort:
-- Finnish Sr2: 300 kN  start

-- Norwegian / Swedish El18: 275 kN
-> Wheel arrangement:  Bo'Bo'
-> Wheel diameter: 1100/1125 mm as new
-> Pantograph: According to the area specifications

-> Maximum operational speed:  230 km/h (143 mph),
on some operators 200 km/h (124 mph).    

-> Length: 18,5 m 
-> Heigth: 4,3 m
-> Width: 3,0 m     

-> Weight:  82-84 metric tons  
-> Axle weight max: 21 tons 

Easy recognition
- roundish hamster like shape with a single large windsreen
- 4 axles
- ribbed sides
- always two pantographs

   Finnish VR-Yhtymä Sr2 (nick named guinea pig for its shape) is seen here at Ilmala yard next to washing line and sanding facility. Most guinea pigs today are painted green and white.

  The train and switching personnel share thoughts in Oslo, Norwegian capital. Here the El18s are seen with either Intercity or sleeper trains. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.


SBB RE460 number 032, Zurich, Switzerland
Sr2 number 3239 of VR in Finland
el18 in Norway
MTR re460 variant in operation

  The most exotic usage place for the Lok2000 electiric locos are in Honk Kong, China, where these haul many crowded passenger trains.

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BLS of Switzerland

  Re465 of BLS
BLS Re465 number 009


The Re465s of the Swiss operator BLS are slightly more powerful than the Re460 locos of SBB/CFF. Number 009 is a typical example of the BLS blue locomotives fleet.

Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.



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MTR of Hong Kong

  Re460 variant at use of MTR (Mass Transit Railway) in China
MTR re460 variant in operation

The Re460 variant is used in China in the Hong Kong cross border push-pull traffic. There are only two locomotives in this use.



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NSB of Norway

  El18 number 2252 of the NSB
el18 number 2252 in Oslo, Norway

The SBB/CFF Re460 on the point of the express train in Zurich.

Picture by Andreas Ehnberg.


el18 number 2252 in Oslo, Norway  

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SBB/CFF of Switzerland

  Re460 number 032 of the SBB
SBB RE460 number 032, Zurich, Switzerland

The SBB/CFF Re460 on the point of the express train in Zurich.

Picture by Andreas Ehnberg.


SBB RE460 number 039 sandwiched with the ICs in Dietigon, Switzerland

A typical use of the Re460 but atypical configuration. The locomotive is daily sandwiched in this train between the two intercity coaches! I guess there is a reason to keep the passengers of one trains separated from that of the other. The unit here is number 039.

Picture by Andreas Ehnberg.

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VR-Yhtymä of Finland

  Class Sr2 of VR-Yhtyma
VR-Yhtyma Sr2 3216 and and IC2 train in Mantsala Finland

Texts to be added later. Sr2 VR-Yhtyma "Guinea Pigs" Special Theme Page...  


VR-Yhtyma Sr2 number 3210 in Ilmala, Helsinki, Finland


VR-Yhtyma class Sr2 number 3213 at Kerava junction under construction, Kerava, Finland  
VR-Yhtyma Sr2 numbers 3205 and 3225 at Helsinki Main, Finland  
VR-Yhtyma Sr2 number 3207 at Herlsinki Main, in the background the clock tower under repairs, Helsinki, Finland  
VR-Yhtyma Sr2 number 3215 and Sm2 number 6061 at Helsinki Main, Finland  
VR-Yhtyma Sr2 number 3231 at Pasila station, Helsinki, Finland  

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 Color Schemes of the Sr2
VR-Yhtyma Sr2s in green and red, Helsinki main, Finland

The lettuce Green paint scheme is now applied to all Sr2 locomotives, when their red-white-gray paint wears out. Here a pair of sisters are seen at Helsinki Main, the green 3221 for the second manufacturing batch and the red sister 3219, both wearing their second paint scheme.

Picture by Stanislav Voronin.

The first green VR-Yhtyma class Sr2, number 3221 at Helsinki Main, Finland

Another camera angle to the 3221 in the harsh Finnish winter.




VR-Yhtyma Sr2 number 3207 at Herlsinki Main, in the background the clock tower under repairs, Helsinki, Finland The beautifully bright red paint sheme contrasts well with the blue-brownish surroiunding at the Helsinki Main.

Picture by Stanislav Voronin.
VR-Yhtyma class Sr2 number 3214 painted into V-series Ilmala, Helsinki, Finland A sister loco #3214 in the original livery for VR. The first locos were delivered with this scheme, at the time being the first of the new "Intercity" paint application. All the locos 3001 - 3020 were painted over in their middle section with the "VR scheme" white letters on red (see above) after 10 years of use.
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