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Eesti Raudtee Tem-Tmh number 057 in Tallinn Ûlemiste, Estonia

Elektriraudtee Flirt EMU 1406 at Baltijaam, Tallinn, Estonia

Elektriraudtee Flirt DMU at Baltijaam, Tallinn, Estonia

Eesti Energia Tem2 number 7495 in Vaivara, Estonia

Eesti Raudtee C30-7i number 1570 at Kehra station, Estonia

Railways in Estonia

Created for by Ilkka Siissalo and John McKey. Pictures by Stanislav Voronin, Ilkka Siissalo, Hannu Peltola and John McKey.

Estonia / Eesti Vabariik
Form of state Republic

1917-1940, 1991 -
EU Member 2004 -

Area square km

Inhabitants mill. 1,32
Official languages Estonian
Ethnic groups

70% Estonian
24% Russian

Currency Euro
GDP/Capita 23,200 USD

Main RR Gauge

1520 mm (4'11 27⁄32")
Tallinn Tram G. 1067 mm (3'6")
Operators and owners
Edelraudtee, Eesti Energia Kaevandused, Elron, ERS/Vopak Aoa, EVR Cargo, RZD, Skinest Trans, Sillamäe Sadam, Transoil, ...

Also in this section
Elektriraudtee Flirt EMU 1406 at Baltijaam, Tallinn, Estonia
The Estonian rolling stock pages cover diesel Locomotives, electric locomotive (just one), EMUs, DMUs and MOW equipment along with the narrow gauge vehicles.

Eesti Raudtee C36-7i numbers 1517 and 1538 at Tarto, Estonia
The Estonian Gallery Page has hundreds of railroading pictures from all around the country!


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Finnish and Estonian Railways Recognition Guide

Welcome to Estonia Main Page! Please pick a category or one of the articles below.

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General information on Railways in Estonia

In the end of the 1990's when the Baltic states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania regained their lost independence from the Soviet Union, the reborn national railways simply took over Soviet rail lines, trains and equipment residing on their territories. All Baltic states joined European Union in 2004, and especially Estonia developed quickly forward towards the general new EU idea of free competition in railway operations and after a decade of building also created railroad administration institution which is separate and independent from the once national main railroad organization (although not by name). 

Most of the rolling stock in the area is still owned by the dominant Eesti Raudtee (EVR), now EVR Cargo. The passenger traffic is organized to Elron with its large Flirt DMU and Flirt EMU fleets. In addition there is a GoRail company with an overnight train from Tallinn, Estonia to St Petersburg, Russia. There are also numerous reil freight companies running on the network, including Transoil, ERS and others. editors are and have for long been visiting Estonia frequently and found out that every year the environment is significantly different from years before developing more of less steadily towards Western level of standards. Welcome to join us with the articles in the Estonian pages!


The old Estonia main page is can be found here while this page is being updated.

Estonian Infrastructure and Future of the Estonian Railway Operations  
Estonia has a great potential to build world scale infrastructure for its passenger and freight rail operations. Currently Estonia has a number of efficient seaports, all connected with excellent freight rail infrastructure. Passenger infra initially suffered from the neglect and lack of investment during the Russian and the latter independence period. However now the European Union has come to help on development in a form of new Flirt EMUse and DMUs for efficient passenger traffic. If you look at the map, Estonia could build its place in the crossroads between the East and the West, the North and the Central Europe. It could be an important link to connect Finland with Berlin with land connection as well. This could be achieved with a tunnel under the Finnish gulf and extending the high speed normal gauge network from Berlin to Tallinn or use the gauge change machine on the way.      
    Estonian Infrastructure Page  
    Estonian Stations Page  
Keila: Er2 local train unit 2201 to Tallinn, Estonia

Estonian Rail Operators and Rolling Stock Owners
Most visible of the Estonian rail operators is the  Eesti Raudtee (Estonian Railways) once owned by Ed Burkard (of Wisconsin Central). Other well visible operators include Edelraudtee, Elektriraudtee as well as Transoil, Spacecom, RzD, etc. There are also local operators like Sillamäe Sadam and Kohtaljarve burning rock railroads. 
    Estonian Operator and Owners Page...     
Estonian Rolling Stock     
This section references the most usual Estonian rolling stock and discusses their origin as well as takes a look at the next steps of modernization. As Estonian borders are open to railroading everywhere except north there are lots of types and classes!   
    Estonian Diesel Locomotives Page 
    Estonian EMUs Page    
    Estonian DMUs Page  
    Estonian Freight and Passenger Cars Page 
    Russian Locomotives Page... 
    The Old Estonian Roster Page...    
Keila: Er2 local train unit 2201 to Tallinn, Estonia
Estonian Railway Gallery Page
has a large number of Estonian railway and other pictures.
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